Exeant: let them go out

Recent articles

  • Documentation

    Contents page for documentation section
  • Creating/registering users

    Information on how to register as a user, how to create and manage  users as an administrator.
  • User roles

    Information on the various user roles, who to assign them to, and what each rold allows the user to do.
  • Creating and editing establishments

    Information on adding and managing establishments in Exeant
  • Adding visits and applying for initial approval

    Information on entering a brief visit outline in order to apply for initial approval for the visit to go ahead
  • Completing visit details and submitting for approval

    Information on entering complete details of your visit and applying for formal visit approval
  • Approving visits

    Information for EVCs, heads and employers on granting or rejecting approval for visits to go ahead.
  • Introduction

    An overview of the Exeant workflow
  • Exeant

    Exeant is a proven system for the management of successful school visit planning. It has an attractive, clear and easy to use web interface that prompts and ensures that leaders and managers complete everything demanded by their policy, procedures and national guidance. This system works in any web browser and can be used on mobile phones for immediate access to the system in the field and can completely remove the need for paperwork from the planning and recording process. Approval confirmation can be set to reflect the various categories of visit and delegated approval specified by the employer policy.

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