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Creating/registering users

If you are a single school or establishement using Exeant independently of any other establishments, your Exeant site will arrive already configured with an EVC and an employer account.

Where there are multiple establishments involved (e.g. LA or Academy Trust group), the employer will need to create an EVC account for each establishment, and then the local EVCs become responsible for their local users.

EVCs are able to create user accounts for people in their establishment, or alternatively, can invite people to register for themselves.

Users registering for themselves should follow the 'register here' link on the home page of their Exeant site. Employers and EVCs have a menu option to access the registration system.

Registration is via a simple form which collects user details such as a username and password, which roles are appropriate for that user and which establishment.

When a user registers themselves, a notification is sent to the EVC at the relevant establishment, and the EVC must then check that the the user really is who they say they are, that the chosen roles are appropriate and then tick the boxes to confirm the identity of the user and to enable the account. Once the identity is confirmed and the account enabled, an email is sent to the user to let them know that their account has been approved and they can log in and use the system.

If the user later changes any of their account details (via 'My Profile'), their account is disabled and the EVC is notified so that they can check that the changes are acceptable and re-enable the account.

To maintain the highest levels of security, Exeant doesn't store passwords, only an encrypted hash of the password from which it is not possible to recreate the original password. Consequently, it cannot send out password reminders. If a user forgets their username or password, they can follow the instructions on the login page for resetting their password. Further instructions will then be sent to their registered email account telling them how to proceed.

Instructions regarding the format of usernames and passwords are shown next to the relevant fields on the form and may vary between different sites where customers may have requested particular rules to fit in with local policy.

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Creating/registering users
Information on how to register as a user, how to create and manage  users as an administrator.