Exeant: let them go out


Exeant is designed to be easy to use and to offer a 'light touch' approach to planning off site visits.

We recommend that a link to Exeant is placed on your school/LA VLE or website so that Visit Leaders can access the system without having to remember the URL.

If your system is configured to allow an 'Initial Approval' phase, visit leaders first enter a brief outline of their visit and submit it for Initial Approval. The EVC is notified and checks the details and can then grant or reject Initial Approval. If approval is rejected, the visit leader is given the reasons and may then either modify the application or delete the visit.

Once the Initial Approval is granted, the Visit Leader can complete the full details for the visit. Once completed, the visit is submitted for Formal Approval - which, when granted, will give permission for the visit to go ahead.

Depending on your local configuration of the system, and the nature of the visit, approval will be required from the EVC and may also be required from the Head and perhaps the Employer (e.g. your Local Authority or Academy Trust).

All those required to grant approval are notified of the visit, are able to check the details and either grant or reject approval as appropriate. Reasons for rejection are sent to the visit leader and if appropriate, modifications can be made to the visit details prior to resubmission.

Once all the required approvals have been granted, the Visit Leader is notified and the visit can go ahead.

Any changes the Visit Leader makes after approval is granted are sent as notifications to the approvers, and have to be approved by the EVC before the visit can take place.

After a visit has taken place, it is possible to edit the details in case there were any last minute changes, such as staff substitutions, changes to number of participants, so that any statistical analysis of the visit data is accurate.

A full audit trail is kept and details of all changes are logged so that it is easy to see who did what, and when.

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An overview of the Exeant workflow